The West Virginia DUI Safety and Treatment Program at Simms Integrative Health Services is a State approved program designed to assist those charged with Driving Under the Influence in regaining their driving privileges. We offer quick enrollment, immediate start dates, and expedited paperwork completion.

The program cost is $430 and is a minimum of six weeks, consisting of three hour sessions.
(once a week for six weeks)

The $400.00 fee is set by the State. The fee includes the initial enrollment, 18 hours of education, and the exit interview. $30 fee is required for the state mandated Workbook and drug screen.

A Substance Abuse Evaluation will be necessary if the client had:

* A high Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) at the time of arrest
* Multiple DUI charges
* Refusal to submit to breathalyzer (charge of implied consent)

The Substance Abuse Evaluation is $60.00 and will take place some time after classes begin. Some insurances may help cover the cost of the Substance Abuse Evaluation. *May require Co-Pay

Appointments can be scheduled in person, or over the phone at (304) 261-8456

Check your driving record, and drivers license status.


*A copy of the police report if you have it.
*$400.00 cash, money order or most credit/debit cards. (Sorry, no checks, for WV DUI Program)
*$20.00 for Drug Screens. (An additional drug screen may be necessary during the program)
*$10.00 Fee for the Responsible Decisions Workbook.